Darkon Upgrades Mean Better Options for Australia

8th September 2017

Darkon has added some new machinery—including a state of the art CNC Lathe—to the manufacturing factory floor. With these upgrades, Darkon’s Extruded products are now 90% made in Australia!!!

1. Main body - Made in Melbourne and fabricated by Darkon Australia
2. End Caps - Fabricated by Darkon Australia
3. Finishing -  Finished in Melbourne and fabricated by Darkon Australia
4. Plastic Lens - Made in Melbourne and Fabricated by Darkon Australia
5. Wiring Looms - Made by Darkon Australia
6. LED and control gear - Made by Tridonic in Austria and assembled by Darkon Australia 

All of which is assembled, tested, packaged and dispatched by Darkon Australia.

90% MADE IN AUSTRALIA- means shorter lead times and quality control with unlimited customistation options. 

We’re excited to share our new Series, HIP! Made in Australia, HIP is our first profile with built-in internal reflector. This Darkon luminaire is our most efficient LED profile yet. Go to the website to see decorative options you can choose from: http://www.darkon.com.au/product/hip-series-sus/

To see more DARKON products, visit: http://www.darkon.com.au/ 

As always, we are happy to answer any of your lighting questions: http://www.LightingOptionsAustralia.com.au/contact

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