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At Lighting Options Australia, we exceed expectations with our strong vision, exceptional service and unwavering passion.   We are a young and progressive lighting importer and distributor based in Perth, Western Australia.

We offer our clients the leading brands in the industry, specifying options and solutions that suit a diverse range of projects and requirements.  Our expertise is the commercial specification lighting market.

We light interiors and exteriors, craft hospitality and retail office fit outs, as well as premium residential projects.  We work closely with engineers, architects, interior designers, government departments and of course the end user.

How can we help you?

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Light Options Australia (LOA) offer a range of services, from light selection assistance through to lighting layout and design support. Our skilled and experienced team believe in flexibility when it comes to working with our clients to achieve the optimal result.

Our unwavering passion means we consistently exceed client expectations. Our friendly team explore lighting internationally, giving us exposure to the industry far and wide. We offer outstanding service paired with a strong vision, resulting from our ongoing lighting industry training.

Whatever the scale of your project or the range of your needs, our people and exceptional products will deliver the best lighting solutions available. We are proud to offer some of the most premium brands in the world, incorporating cutting edge lighting technology and sustainable lighting solutions.  

Contact our friendly staff to learn more about our solutions.


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30th November 2018

John Curtin Gallery - Pippin Drysdale Exhibition

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26th October 2018

Super Tetsudo - Westfield Carousel

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