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Lighting Options Australia is a solution-driven commercial and architectural lighting specialist. We work with engineers, architects, interior designers and private organisations to bring their lighting designs to life. We deliver the best lighting solutions, sourced from leading brands across Australia and the world, that offer the greatest value for money.

We love light bringing together first-class products, resources and education to help customers understand how light works and its effect on spaces and people.

Our carefully considered human-centred solutions use light in diverse and creative ways, so it is impactful and more cost-efficient over the life of the project.

We are creative problem-solvers with the technical know-how to provide solutions that work and resolve the challenges that come with complex lighting concepts.


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9th October 2023

ERCO Case Study: The fourth dimension of architecture, light brings life to Perth's St George's Cathedral

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3rd August 2023

Flos x Amalfi Coast

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24th July 2023

Walking Tour

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5th July 2023

Nocturnal | Australian Made

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1st June 2023

IBL Flex 27 Mono

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23rd March 2023

Flos | Belt

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