Wesley ‘Living’ Science Centre

2nd December 2017


The new Wesley College Science Centre is more than bricks and mortar. The structure itself is interactive and serves as a ‘living’ science experiment, with the three-storey building comprised of agile, multi-disciplinary learning spaces, able to be easily modified to meet the needs of students at any given time.

The fabric of the building mirrors foundational science concepts like molecular and cellular structures, inclined planes, motion, light and energy, inviting Wesley students to ‘live science’ as they learn. A drop zone through the three floors serves as both a data collection and observation tool, allowing students to track live data of falling objects under experiential conditions, using sensors, cameras, data probes and monitors.

Each floor in the Science Centre features inside-out, live interactive walls with moveable furniture and a serviced experiment and demonstration bench, moving away from the concept of a stationary lab. Equipment is easily-accessible to our students, allowing them to collect and observe data through a variety of apparatus, which includes
technology such as:

• Parabolic Dishes
• Molecular Microscopes
• Telescopes
• Mass Spectrometer
• Data Probes

Data collected from the building itself is monitored and provides content in such areas as light, movement, CO2 levels, sound and rain water collection. Students can engage with the building in a variety of ways, including activating light and motion sensors as they move throughout the building.

— A Science Centre for Tomorrow - an interview with Stephen Heppell and Old Wesleyan Lee Hunter from Wesley College on Vimeo.—

Mimicking all these studies of light and their relation to science, Lighting Options Australia were able to activate this space through DALI dimmable motion sensor controlled spaces. Use of varying colour temperatures with high CRI allowed for experiments to carried out under correct/accurate lighting conditions. Lighting precision in this project was key in creating the exact science. Talk to us today about lighting your next educational space.

Lighting Supplier (as shown above) is Lighting Options Australia


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