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6th July 2017

There is that moment when a crystal clear drop of liquid reaches toward the surface of the water, almost—but not quite—touching. You can see it in your mind’s eye, straining for release and for just a moment, seeming to be frozen in time. Now, envision many drops falling at the same time, some touching the water and others still dangling in midair. Those aren’t water drops you’re looking at. They are the new luminaire collection designed by Constantin Wortmann. The BLUBB series consists of two different beautifully curved pendant ceiling lights.

Suspended on either black or red cords, the pendant version of BLUBB will add dazzle to any room in your choice of clear or opal. There’s also the mini BLUBB, available as a single luminaire. All BLUBBs are equipped with an E 27 socket for LED lamps and our patented Plux canopies. To find out more and download spec sheets, visit: http://www.lightculture.com.au/products/brand/next/blubb

We are also available for an elegant lighblubb conversation: http://www.LightingOptionsAustralia.com.au/contact

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