Under Siege!

5th August 2016

Darkon Siege LED track lights now available in DALI! 

You’ve just been promoted to Commander. Controlling an army of lights has never been this precise.

Although SIEGE and his big brother SIEGE XL come standard with integral Phase Dimmable control gear, DARKON has now also developed and released the DARKON DALI track. All track can be Recessed, Surface Mounted or Suspended, and as such, the SIEGE range is now also recently available for supply in DALI dimmable protocol! 

SIEGE and SIEGE XL are available in BLACK or WHITE finish, each supplied with 3-circuit track adaptors as standard, making them effective in lighting zones with separate switching requirements. There are also Surface Mounted, Suspended, Adjustable Snoot and Magnetic Lens Accessories for variable beam functionality.

Following the DARKON architectural philosophy, the simple and minimal design aesthetic of the SIEGE tracklight means a luminaire whose presence and inclusion does not subjugate the designed environment.

Now available in both 13Watt & 30Watt & with a range of mounting options and accessories, this family has developed into a strong battalion of products that can tackle a diverse range of applications, including those tough lighting jobs. 

Come stand with us. Under Siege.

To learn more, visit Darkon's website: http://www.darkon.com.au/product/siege/

We're also here to answer any questions you may have or help you tackle your next big lighting challenge: Call (+61 8) 6142 4977 or drop us an email: http://www.LightingOptionsAustralia.com.au/contact.

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