Trilux now has a new generation Siella

1st June 2017

People are often complaining about the younger generations. That must be because they haven’t seen the new Siella G4 LED from Trilux. This recessed light comes from a line of luminaires with the strongest sales and turnover and is created to exceed our most lofty expectations. Like simpler handling; Siella G4 is quicker and more convenient to install. Because the control gear unit is integrated with the Siella G4 LED, only the connection box is now outside the luminaire, meaning connection can be done without the luminaire. 

This ‘plug & play’ luminaire also introduces:

  • More efficiency due to less connected load
  • High-quality plastic housing
  • Fully integrated ECG

Because of the improvements made with the Siella G4, these luminaires cannot be mixed with the G3 models. Openings on the rear of the Siella have been removed - these are no longer needed. To achieve convenient and simple connection, the connection box can be released from the luminaire via plug & play. See images above.

Trilux Siella G4 LED Specs

To learn more about the new features, installation requirements and purchasing, contact us at: or call us: +61861424977. We’re always happy to answer questions.

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