Trilux Marketing Update

21st July 2016

We’d like to share with you a Marketing Update from TRILUX.

The E-Line LED continuous line is still key to TRILUX sales and success. TRILUX is working continuously on the performance and long-term differentiation to the competition. Supplementing the range in March 2016 with an IP54 protection rating was the first milestone. Further optimisations of the E-Line portfolio are now approaching. Of course TRILUX is aware that almost every luminaire producer is now offering LED trunking. 

That’s precisely why TRILUX have been working consistently on the E-Line LED performance using value analyses and other methods. Aspects such as VLC, LIFI, Predictive Maintenance, Heat Mapping and light management are the topics of the future, because pure efficiency will always be comparable—thus will no longer be sufficient as a USP. These future topics offer TRILUX completely new possibilities for developing innovative service models that they can offer their customers of tomorrow. TRILUX is working at full speed on these future themes to be in a position to respond to the market as quickly as possible. 

Let's now get to the actual Product Information and the new or redesigned versions that can be offered and delivered…

1.   New optical systems MT, A and OTR

MT optic - medium-narrow distribution 

With some application cases in the logistics sector, TRILUX has seen that­—compared to several competitors—they needed more luminaire inserts for the same lighting task. The reason for this is their rotationally symmetric lens. In classic highbay racking between 8 and 12 metres, the new oval lens enables luminaire inserts to be reduced, meaning that the ROI time for customers is reduced / optimised. 


A optic - single asymmetric

Until recently, a single asymmetric light distribution curve was needed for a second reflector. TRILUX developed this solution further and put it into their standard portfolio. In the shop and retail sector in particular, the solution scores points due to its identical appearance, as with the other optical systems. 

OT vs OTR - what's the difference?
The difference is only the appearance (shape). Both gear trays score marks in shop and retail at low mounting heights due to a slight indirect component of approx. 14% on the ceiling. The new insert is also 100% suitable for production areas in which battens were previously used. Unfortunately no driver is available on the market for the 4000 lumen version with DALI. For this reason this version has no use in the portfolio. 

Overview of the various beam angles:

2.   New technical construction of the 13,000 and 20,000 lumen versions

Until now, the 13,000 lumen gear tray was designed as 2 rows and the 20,000 lumen gear tray was with 3 rows, each with 5 LED modules. Because TRILUX has upgraded to a new LED module, a complete row with 5 modules can now be saved with both versions. 


13,000 lumen version

20,000 lumen version

3.   6500 K light colour now available as standard article

Each standard E-Line LED gear tray is now available with 6500 K light colour. 
Lighting design info: Warm white is recommended as the light colour for night-time shifts. Cool white light colours on the other hand can increase productivity during day-time shifts. 

4.   Technical Features
Beam angle: B | TB | MT | T | DA | A | OT | OTR | B19 (coming soon)
Luminaire luminous flux: 4000 lm | 5500 lm | 6500 lm | 8000 lm | 13,000 lm | 20,000 lm
Colour rendering index: Ra > 80 
Colour temperature: 3000 K | 4000 K | 6500 K 
Connected load: 29 W | 39 W | 48 W | 63 W | 105 W | 158 W 
Efficiency: up to 152 lm/W
Service life: 50,000 hours at L85 or 70,000 hour at L80
Electrical version: ET | ETDD
Protection rating: IP20 | IP50 (on request) | IP54
Mounting type: Surface-mounted and suspended version
Info: 13,000 lm | 20,000 lm & OT | OTR cannot be combined with the IP54 version. The B19 version will be available to a max of 5000 lm.  

5.   Availability

All above-specified versions can now be ordered and delivered. Datasheets and ies Files can be found on the TRILUX website and prices are available on request from Light Culture Sales.

See more Trilux E-line product infromation here:

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