TRILUX Inplana & Onplana - For Ceilings and Walls

7th September 2016

TRILUX introduces the first downlights for ceilings and walls. Inplana and Onplana are surface-mounted and recessed downlights which feature pleasant, minimised luminance and uniform, wide-area light emission. This means the downlights can be installed not only in ceilings but also into or on walls, offering increased designing flexibility. With UGR19 and EN12464-1 glare reduction, the luminaires are even suitable for computer screen workstations. Their flat design means Inplana and Onplana luminaires can be installed flush to the ceiling even with very low ceiling cavities.


Inplana and Onplana by TRILUX: unique, diffuse, uniform light that attractively displays ceilings, walls and rooms.

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TRILUX Inplana & Onplana:

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