Trilux ArimoS: Better Body, Better Price!

15th September 2017

Light Culture has simplified the Trilux ArimoS body using a one-piece (locally built) design that reduces manufacturing costs. While costs have decreased, the Trilux high-standard optical performance remains just as high. You can update your current price lists and download the IES files from Trilux’s website: 

Light Culture also offers the following features: 

1.    Product dimension variance with regards to ceiling integration and air handling
2.    Tuned exit lumen packages to suit project requirements
3.    Efficacy 120lm/W relates to approx. 3.5W/m2 or 1W/m2/100lux
4.    Superb glare control
5.    Adaptation of sensors to provide “office swarming”
6.    Emergency self-contained maintained is realizable 

View updated data sheets for common T-bar options (1200 x 300mm and 600 x 600mm) here: 

If you are interested in seeing samples or have questions, contact us:

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