The West Australia Museum: A Case Study in Lighting Design

20th May 2016

The West Australia Museum
The history of the World in 100 objects exhibition.
—Perth, Western Australia 

Lighting designer 
Lighting designer – Illuminated designs - Frederika Perey

Lighting Options Australia




Why were Soraa products chosen?

Quality of light. CRI and colour temperature
Dimming capability on existing dimmers.
Flexibility of the snap lens system
Local stock holding 
What was the process that led to choosing these lighting fixtures/luminaires?
The lighting designer contacted Lighting Options Australia and advised of the project. Frederika also advised this project needed a solution in a very quick time frame. LOA provided samples and visited the site to demonstrate the lamp and snap system and to test the compatibility with the museum’s existing dimmers. Dimming was crucial to this project as the museum displays precious items that can only be illuminated to 50lx. After several tests, and confirming we could meet the museum’s requirements and their time frame, Soraa was specified.

How does the lighting support the architecture or environmental design?
The purpose of lighting is to highlight the best features of architecture and in this case, the dramatic illumination offered by Soraa lighting makes the objects look positively heroic. 

How has it improved the facility?
Soraa lighting is specifically designed to bring out colour, texture and details. The new lighting offers the flexibility needed to showcase changing exhibitions.

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