The Museum of WA goes Digital

21st October 2013

Katta Djinoong is a Noongar term that means “see and understand us". The Museum of Western Australia houses the Katta Djinoong, long term exhibition. Originally illuminated with 70 x obsolete 100W Par 38 luminaires with a less than fantastic result, the museum was seeking a better solution using up-to-date technology. This exhibition is a complicated space to illuminate with its high luminaire mounting of 6m, various size objects and display cabinets, not to mention 32000 year old shell beads and precious hair and textile pieces with limitations of 50lux.

ERCO projected LED luminaires was the answer with features and benefits to tackle each challenge, the space and exhibition out put. 12W and 24W Logotec luminaires were used. The interchangeable lens provides the correct distributions and beam control for the objects it is illuminating. Onboard dimming allows for control of each luminaire. With 1%-100% range, this feature was perfect for illuminating the precious pieces. 3000k warm white colour temperature was selected for its high colour rendering and to work with the 'earthy' colours in the space. Additionally there was a load reduction of over 4500W from the original lighting solution and a much improved maintenance program.

The full album can be seen on the Lighting Options Australia facebook page HERE.


The West Australian Museum
Electrical Engineer - BEST Consultants (Michael Higgs).
Photography - Matthew Devlin.
Lighting Supplier-Lighting Options Australia
Products Used - ERCO Surface mounted 3 circuit Track.
- ERCO Logotec 24W LED flood lights.
- ERCO Logotec 12W LED spotlights.

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