Solid Pendant: Craftsmanship At Its Finest.

22nd September 2017

Hand Made And High Tech Can Be Synonymous. 

Artefact Industries and JT Studio have created an exquisite yet simple lighting design: the Solid Pendant. Perfectly shaped from fine wood (i.e. American Oak),  and utilizing high a performance LED from Melbourne manufacturer Coolon, the Solid Pendant is as much beautiful as it is functional.

“Maintaining the unbroken appearance of a single piece of timber, while incorporating high performance lighting was a unique challenge.”

“The Solid Linear range offers simplicity of both form and materials, highlighting the timber’s natural beauty. Hewn from a single solid piece of specially sourced timber, it embodies an old fashioned approach to craftsmanship while expressing a modern architectural aesthetic.”

“As an artist I always try to make a point of not overly imposing my will on the materials I use, allowing them to express themselves.”
—James Tapscott, JT Studio

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