Simple design. Extraordinary Beauty. ERCO Volvo Video.

13th July 2017

Volvo has always been at the forefront of innovation. They were the first to offer three-point safety belts as a standard, to build a hybrid that offers more torque than a Ferrari and the first to hit the 3 million mile mark with a single car. It’s no wonder then, that when Erik Stigmar, Senior Manager for Retail Experience at Volvo Cars, created an innovative design concept for Volvo dealerships, he brought in ERCO to help bring it to life.

Both companies know the value of calm, clean lines, quality materials and the exquisite play of colours and light. Both companies place high importance on safety and efficiency. And both companies care about the customer’s experience. In the video, Erik walks us through the customer’s experience, showing the difference between the warm, inviting waiting area and the cooler, enticing “street” where the cars are kept. He has a firm grasp on now lighting can be used to its maximum benefit. View the video here:

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