Product Release

9th April 2020

 The all-new Coolon Aduro CL

Aduro CL is a revolutionary semi-rigid chain LED light that allows full flexibility around curved spaces.
Inspired by the possibilities of organic architecture and equipped with unprecedented flexibility, individually adjustable modules, a wide range of optics and various CCTs, Aduro CL brings tailored lighting solutions and full creative control over curved spaces.Why compromise on your design when you can execute it to perfection with the Aduro CL?
Adjust individual modules
Flawlessly working together as a single luminaire, Aduro CL allows for each individual module to be turned and twisted, enabling precise creative and architectural control.

Light Curved Spaces
Lightweight modules of Aduro CL are effortlessly interconnected to conform to intricate shapes and bring dramatic contrast and texture to curved spaces. Its delicate yet robust modules follow curves with precision, gently contouring structural lines and providing a smooth flow of light.

Control Colour Temperature
A generous choice of colour temperatures allows you to select the perfect light hue and transform the ambience of space.

A Wide Range of Optics
Equipped with a wide range of optics, Aduro CL gives you unprecedented control of lighting in each application and enables endless creative solutions for modern architecture.
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