Perth Airport Takes Off With Style

10th June 2016

Perth’s International Airport T1 departure lounge is one of our latest projects. This unique space required extraordinary lighting. Fondly nicknamed the ‘donut light” because of it’s unique shape, the Trilux Polaron IQ WD1-2D is just the lighting this space needed. The Polaron IQ WD1-2D provides seamless uniformity and high output lighting with onboard dimming function. 

See more donuts here:

The play area for children was created to be colorful, bright and cheerful but was looking rather tired. To bring out the play in this area, Light Culture’s 30w high output commercial flexible LED strip was used in a custom recess along with High Efficiency LED recessed profile luminaires. Betchya can’t repeat that 10 times fast!

Your first step in departure to an exotic overseas location could be on this staircase, uniquely lit for wow factor with the same High Efficiency recessed LED Profile lighting used in the children’s play area. Who says grown-ups can’t play too?

What a pleasure to be working with such a great team to pull this project together.

Engineer- Aurecon 
Architect- Woods Bagot
Electrical Contractor- Ab Tilbury
Photographer - Matt Devlin

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