News so excited it might make you flush!

14th September 2017

Onplana LED IP54 – Higher Degree of Protection for Roofed-Over outdoor Areas.

You’ve loved TRILUX Inplana and Onplana indoor lighting because of its modern low profile flush-to-surface design and pleasant lighting. You know the pleasant light they emit stands out so the light itself doesn’t have to. We heard you when you sighed with longing, wishing aloud for the ability to use these revolutionary luminaires outdoors too. Wouldn’t they just be the perfect finish—you’d say—for that outdoor roofed-over entrance to the beautifully architected building we’ve been working on? 

We love surprising you! 

Now, the lighting option you’ve been waiting for is available for you. The new IP54 accessory for TRILUX Onplana LED D07 and D09 is made specifically for flush-fit sealing downlight in canopied outdoor architecture. For the IP54 accessory, we’ve added a replacement cover with flush-fit sealing to ceiling and sealing ring for use between the luminaire head and surface-mounted housing.


We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have and know just where to get the IP54 accessory.

Let’s have a flush lighting conversation:

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