New Norcia Benedictines Community Gallery Takes On New Light

13th November 2014

Nestled along the Great Northern Highway 132km north of Perth lies a community unlike any other; known as the ‘New Norcia Benedictine Community’. Home to a group of Roman Catholic monks who have owned and operated the small town of New Norcia, since 1847, New Norcia is Australia’s only monastic town. At its heart, the monks live, work and pray at the Monastery, exist according to the guidance of The Rule of St Benedict and are referred to as ‘Benedictines’. Unlike many priests and nuns, monks do not join an ‘order’ as such, but instead join an autonomous monastery where they promise to remain for the rest of their lives.

Early in 2014, Lighting Options Australia was engaged by the New Norcia Benedictines to upgrade the lighting of their Gallery to launch their upcoming ‘Salvado Bicentenary Exhibition’. Playing homage to New Norcia founder Rosendo Salvado, the exhibition focuses on Salvado’s primary role of missionary and seeks to explore the relationship between Aboriginal people and the monks.

It was a great pleasure for Lighting Options Australia to work in such a unique community and truly play an important role in transforming the New Norcia Gallery. The key challenge was to rejuvenate the existing lighting from outdated halogen spotlights to a newer technology that was more efficient and appropriate for the use of the space. It was in the hands of our highly experienced team who are at the forefront of the latest technology, to come up with the best solution.

After evaluating the space and the current technology available, it was established that one particular combination would bring substantial benefits; strategically placed ERCO track systems with Pollux 6W LED luminaires. We were able to utilise the interchangeable lens system to produce the best distribution for each piece of artwork. A combination of wall washers, spot, flood and oval flood lenses where used along with contour/framing projectors. The result was a stunning transformation of the space and artwork. Upgrading to LED luminaires not only displayed the artwork in a better light but the LED’s will also reduce energy consumption substantially and greatly improve maintenance requirements.

The New Norcia Gallery is just one great example of where this lighting system has dramatically improved existing lighting. To find out more about the fantastic products we incorporated into this project, please visit:

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