28th October 2010

Elementi di Luceplan is a new company in the Luceplan Group which focuses on architectural lighting.

Elements, Apparently simple, their combinations create new life. This easy, instant and unusual process' evocative powers are the foundation of Luceplan's final challenge: the creation of an autonomous range of lighting units designed to suit both architectural and contract projects and consistent with the companies distinguishing philosophy.

In focus is the new mini mini suspension light designed by HABITS Studio. mini mini is an aluminium pendant with a diameter of only 25mm and over 600mm in length. Inside, there is a simple adjustment system for regulating the sie of the light beam and easily replacing the light source. An elementary adjustment system on the wire ensures that the product is perpendicular, regardless of the asymmetry of the lamp body. mini mini is available in refined black, white and polished finishing.

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