LOA Launches New Products During CWID

11th October 2016

If you’ve not yet decided whether you’ll be attending CWID with us on the October 15, we have yet another reason that may just be your tipping point. We’ll be launching several exciting products during CWID and won’t you be the clever one who got the first peek? On October 15th 6A Aberdeen St. is where you want to be. Register here

ERCO's Lucy An innovative, streamlined task light for workplaces. The optical system is set back in the luminaire, ensuring perfect glare control. Lucy can be mounted flush with the desktop, making this light perfect for libraries, work surfaces and home offices. Visit ERCO’s website for downloadable product sheets and applications: 

Panzeri's Jackie is a family of LED lamps with true flexibility. The extendible arms can be positioned and repositioned to suit any angle needed. These lights, in die cast aluminum colors (red, white, black and titanium) are available in floor lamps and various sized models that can be ceiling or wall mounted, desktop situated or clamped to a countertop. To view the Jackie range and other innovative luminaire lines, visit Panzeri’s website.

NEXT's DNA Like an organically growing structure, the complex form develops out of a surprisingly simple element. White, black, chrome and copper modules - each with three light bulbs - can be added to each other to form simple threesomes, elaborate chandeliers or a dangling cascade of bulbs. To see ideas for how these lights can be used and to download a catalogue, visit NEXT’s DNA page

NEXT's NLC At a first glance, NLC perplexes with its positively striking and yet strangely puzzling appearance. Its special appeal lies in the seeming conflict between the chaotic and the organic. NLC draws its inspiration as much from the head of Medusa as from the finely trellised branches of a treetop. Visit NEXT’s NLC page to learn more.

NEXT's Liquid Drop Liquid Light presents light in a fluid form. The different shapes of Liquid Light offer a warm and diffuse light for any space. Illuminated drops float weightlessly in the air, run down a wall, build a soft rain of light or melt out of the ceiling like a viscid fluid. This award-winning series of lamps visually enhances every type of architecture. See various applications for Liquid Drop.

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