LOA is Office Fitouts

27th May 2015

Many of us spend a third of our lives working in offices. Why shouldn’t our office space be just as inviting and comfortable as the homes we retreat to? At Lighting Options Australia, we believe lighting is a key component to comfort, productivity and wellbeing. Office lighting needs to be functional and sustainable, but it can also add beauty, warmth and charm. Great lighting is one way to add personality and style to an office building. When workers feel good in their environment, they produce better product, provide better service and enjoy the workplace more.

Our qualified lighting experts can assist you to customize your design of each office fitout to suit the unique environment and varying needs in each space—Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting, Task lighting and feature lighting, for instance, bring out different qualities in each area. We work with a wide variety of office spaces—from major commercial firms like Hosch and CKA Risk Solutions to government run facilities like The Department of Treasury & Finance and the WA Cabinet offices. 

And…we only partner with suppliers who offer superior, high quality lighting, using the latest LED technology. These are just a few of the reasons why we can say… 

LOA is Office Fitouts. Let’s have an Office Fitout conversation: http://www.lightingoptionsaustralia.com.au/contact

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