LOA is Galleries and Museums

5th June 2015

No one knows the importance of lighting quite as much as artists, and museum and gallery people. Priceless works of art need to be shown in their best light. Literally. The colors and textures as well as the mood and flavor of each piece should be exquisitely exhibited with carefully chosen methods and luminaires.

Like each piece of art, all gallery and museum spaces are unique requiring individual attention specific to their space. Colour temperature, Colour Rendering, Visual comfort, positioning, maintenance, energy efficiency, stable dimming control and luminaire aesthesis are all vital aspects that need to be considered in each space.

Lighting Options Australia are experts in the art of illuminating art. That’s why galleries and museums have been asking us to help. And that’s why we can say… 

Lighting Options is Galleries and Museums.

Let’s have a museum or gallery conversation: http://www.lightingoptionsaustralia.com.au/contact

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