Lightkit. Putting Mood Back In Lighting.

6th August 2018

Lightkit is an Australian lighting manufacturer and supplier focused on the ever-changing luxury, global hospitality and residential markets.

While ambience took a backseat along with the insurgence of LED, Lightkit has made it their commitment to bring back the capabilities for changing mood and ambience, so critical to the success of hospitality and luxury spaces. They offer an advanced dimming system that allows for warm, smooth transitions between day and night. 

At LIGHTKIT, the end user is in sharp focus throughout every step of the design, engineering and pricing process. They work with architects and designers (interior designers and lighting designers) to ensure aesthetics, performance and flexibility of function are equally thought out in every lighting kit they design. 

They work with engineers, electrical contractors and distributors to find innovative ways to bring high performance lighting at competitive pricing that meets the needs of hospitality and luxury lifestyle markets. 

Partnering with a wide variety of experts in the lighting, design and architecture industries allows LIGHTKIT to keep evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the people who purchase, use and benefit from the lighting they supply. 

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