Light. The Fourth Dimension of Architecture

29th June 2017

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An intelligently designed, striking lighting strategy contributes to transforming exhibition venues into premium brands for culture. It is not only a matter of making original works of art accessible to the public in the long run, but also suitably showcasing the architecture, ranging from the car park, sculpture garden and foyer to the exhibition store and café.

Presenting works of art to a wide public while simultaneously protecting light-sensitive exhibits poses major challenges for designers. High quality LEDs enable an impressive experience of art without damaging spectral components in the UV and IR ranges.

Each art-historical era focuses on different ideals for presentation, and in a similar way, social preferences also change with regard to suitable methods of reception. Large-format, minimalist paintings for example look best with planar vertical lighting. Accent lighting on the other hand, is ideally suited to small, high-contrast works of art. Accenting puts the focus on the works of art. Directed light creates brilliance on surfaces and an expressive interplay of light and shadows with sculptures.

Download ERCO’s brochure for more information and guidance on the variety of lighting styles needed for museums and galleries.


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