Light for Outdoors

22nd February 2021

Public & outdoor – light for facades, paths and more
In urban environments, light promotes public life at night. In addition to the need for safety and security, night-time illumination also fulfils cultural and commercial purposes.

Companies and institutions for example, strikingly display their facades with light. In this way, people are provided with orientation and simultaneously the architecture is attractively presented within its urban space. Some buildings thus establish themselves as landmarks in the nocturnal scene of towns and cities. Create attractive places with a high quality visitor experience with the sensitive use of light in outdoor areas. Robust luminaires from ERCO with precise LED lighting technology ensure long-term and future-proof investments.

In this way we bring the needs of people and the environment into harmony at night. We give you helpful tips on how to illuminate facades, paths, trees, bridges and train stations correctly with LED luminaires. 

Planning, Design and Principles


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