Light Culture's UTS Project Challenge

26th September 2017

We love solving a challenge and so does our partner Light Culture.

When the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) needed to refurbish levels 2 and 3 of the building, they called in Light Culture. UTS needed new light fixtures to be integrated in the circular acoustic panels above the 2nd floor classroom. The recessed, lightweight and slim design of Trilux’s Inplana made the perfect choice. 

For the 3rd level, a different solution was needed, one that would be tailor made to fit the arrangement of glazing and ceilings, whilst minimizing glare and maximizing output to give the impression of natural daylight. A Linear LED lighting system complimented the Inpana, allowing the consistency of light distribution and quality, regardless of the mounting type chosen, and cut to fit within the architectural requirements.  

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