Introducing ZALUX

18th March 2022

Why ZALUX is your reliable partner for safe luminaires suitable for Ex-szones?

40 years experience
Specialised in the development and manufacturing in Europe 
of luminaires with high protection ratings. Our solutions have 
been installed in chemical, oil & gas or heavy industries in more 
than 70 countries.

Certified quality
Zalux luminaires comply with ATEX – IECEX standards, as well 
as CE and ROHS marks. Their quality is the result of reliable 
processes and consistent testing.

Specialised Team
We are a registered vendor in major EPC companies and oil and 
gas end users globally. Our processes and products comply with 
the strict requirements of the most demanding industries.
Specialised team
Our experienced team cares for the conntinuos improvement 
of our luminaires and is at your disposal to help you find the 
appropriate lighting solution for each project.


Compliance with electrical, temperature or resistance 
tests, some of which are carried out in our laboratories, 
together with fully sealed products up to IP69K, guarantee 
that Ex-certified luminaires are suitable for hazardous areas 
where strict ATEX specifications must be met.

We choose high quality materials for each application, from 
impact resistant PMMA, borosilicate glass or 316L stainless 
steel, among others, to offer maximum robustness.
EX luminaires are used during long times in challenging 
locations, so they offer a great resistance to acids, sulphur 
or salty environments.

Optimal thermal management allows a long lifetime up to 
Why ZALUX is your reliable partner for 
safe luminaires suitable for Ex-zones?
What can you expect from our explosion 
proof LED luminaires?

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