Introducing the Vibia Flat

8th March 2021

The Flat series by Vibia was named after its thin, circular shades. These shades act as reflectors, creating gentle atmosphere through a combination of direct and indirect illumination. While some might see the word ‘flat’ as meaning dull, lifeless or boring, this brand-new range is anything but!

The Flat collection was designed by Ichiro Iwasaki and features pendants, ceiling lamps, table lamps and floor lamps, which fit into a vast array of interiors.
The Flat pendants create pools of light over dining tables, foyers, reception desks and hallways. The ceiling lamps push light upwards, resulting in each lamp ‘floating’ from the ceiling. Available with one, two or three diffusers, Flat ceiling lamps make versatile feature lights.

Flat table lamps have a unique geometric appearance, making them a real design statement. Compact and charming, they’ll gently illuminate your bedside or your favourite coffee table book. Flat floor lamps function like a piece of auxiliary furniture, with the ability to hold light objects such as cups of coffee, nightcaps and nibbles. When installed in groups, these floor and table lamps use each other’s shades as complementary reflectors, creating a more pronounced lighting effect.
Indirect lighting reduces glare and shadowing within spaces, making it a great tool for creating atmosphere. It can make the room seem more spacious, and draw attention to the ornate ceilings of heritage houses.  

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