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9th February 2018

Marketing update from Trilux

Trilux can’t help tweaking a great product line to continue making it better. They know how much we all appreciate the efficiency of their Arimo Slim CDP LED product range so they’ve focused on a significant increase in performance we think you’ll want to hear about.

Lean in closer while we tell you about the square ArimoSlim CDP LED, sporting a whopping 130 lm/W.

1. Here’s the efficiency update in detail:
To further differentiate Arimo Slim CDP LED from the competition, Trilux has changed the single-sided light entry to two-sided light entry. This change is what enabled them to achieve these peak values. The visual appearance of the luminaire stays the same. The efficiency increase on the example of the two reference luminaires (with 4000 K) is shown in the table:

Trilux Efficiency Table

2. How Trilux stands out from the competition 
Compared to the competition, the ArimoSlim CDP LED portfolio speaks for itself in performance and efficiency, keeping all of the benefits while improving the overall lighting fixture. Trilux stands above the crowd: 

a)  Two luminous flux packages enabling optimum replanning and refurbishment

b)  High colour tolerance with only 3 SDCM (MacAdam)

c)  Flexibility in planning due to an unbeatable portfolio width.

d)  Unique appearance with the CDP-X optic available as standard

e)  SOF it also feasible if required

 f)  Individualisation of luminaires by milling or printing

g)  Made in Germany – Made by TRILUX

h)  Unique appearance with the future Arimo Slim CDP SKY LED (2018)

i)  No flicker due to low rippling

j)  ECG from a renowned manufacturer for durability and reliability

k)  Separate ECG ensures simple installation and easy spare parts supply

3. Availability
The efficiency update is mainly already implemented in the square versions and is therefore already deliverable. The still-to-do modifications to the square luminaires are listed in the attached table. Trilux is still working on modification of all linear versions. 

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, contact us to disucss using better efficiency in your next project: Contact Us.

Download the complete table here.

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