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23rd October 2015

It’s no wonder that the well respected Paviom Aptus line of bollard outdoor lighting was featured along with Lighting Options in an article from the prestigious go-to source for architecture and design news, Indesign Live. Both Lighting Options and Paviom are committed to quality, cutting edge and sustainable lighting solutions. Both are committed to good design. 

The modernist Aptus design—created by award-winning designer Terence Woodgate—coupled with the innovative use of Cor-Ten steel ensures efficient lighting that blends organically into its surroundings. Because of the natural finish Cor-Ten steel is ideal for garden or landscapes where lighting is a must but the presence of technology must be minimized—rare in most lighting solutions. The natural light finish and lighting configurations make Aptus suitable for a variety of different landscape and walkway applications.

Lighting Options Australia is proud to be an official distributor of Paviom products. 

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