ERCO Pantrac: Perfect wallwashing

7th May 2015

Lighting Options Australia partner, ERCO, has released Pantrac, simple and efficient lighting for wallwashing with ‘total visual comfort.’ 

Perfect for museums, lobbies, hallways and product shelving, the Pantrac system is designed to achieve superior uniform illumination. ERCO’s innovative photometrics optimize its efficiency, reducing the number of luminaires required. Get the same amount of lighting with fewer lights, spacing up to 1.5 times the offset of the wall. These lighting kits are easy to install and require no additional tilting.

The classic cubic design means Pantrac lights are just as appropriate in historic architecture as they are modern designed rooms. With super wide dimming control that ranges from 1% to 100%, Pantrac lighting supports aesthetic and conservation aspects of artwork protection and gallery appearance.

Visit ERCO to customize your Pantrac: 

And remember that we are always here to help you sort through your luminaire options and help bring your lighting project ideas to fruition. Let’s have a conversation about lighting:

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