Curtin Creative Quarter

13th August 2018

“It's Not About Ideas. It's About Making Creative Ideas Happen”

Lighting Options Australia is thrilled to be a part of the Curtin Creative Quarter redevelopment project. Providing new facilities and amenities for students, staff and campus visitors also meant new lighting that would be sustainable, functional and (ideally) beautiful. That is where we come in.

Below are lighting products used for this project:

ERCO Tesis LED Ingrounds
Tesis has long been a regular feature in the outdoor range. In a completely upgraded version, it now delivers an entirely new level of performance. Innovative photometrics ensure maximum brilliance and efficiency. A considerably flatter housing thanks to LED technology ensures exceptionally straightforward installation - in both round and square version. The robust polymer housing is fully corrosion-resistant and designed to ensure long life and ease of use. Be it directional luminaire, uplight or wallwasher, Tesis sets the benchmark in outdoor lighting.

ERCO Lightscan LED Uplight
Lightscan façade luminaires give a light and spacious impression to ceilings especially in such formidable spaces as passages or train stations. The intense, uniform washlighting of the robust luminaire allows for economical illumination of the ceiling with luminaires spaced far apart, performing equally well in outdoor and indoor applications. High levels of luminous flux and efficient photometrics ensure an excellent level of brightness - particularly in large and high rooms. Two different light distributions - wide or deep beam - offer the perfect solution for the illumination of large ceiling areas. Maintenance-free optoelectronics guarantee maximum efficiency to help save our resources and result in lower operating costs.

ERCO Kubus LED Facade Luminaire
During the day, Kubus is all but an inconspicuous structure on the wall - at night, however, the luminaire excels with exquisite light. Kubus is flexible. Using appropriate accessories, the luminaire can be mounted in or on the wall. Underlined with grazing light, wall surfaces are given a new dimension. Used along traffic routes, Kubus provides optimum visual comfort and reliable orientation for passers-by. In perfect understatement, Kubus combines highly efficient and maintenance-free optoelectronics with a very discreet appearance. Kubus floor washlights are also available as bollard luminaires.

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Lighting Designer/Engineer - Nick Shaw - Best Consultants
Lighting Supplier - Lighting Options Australia - ERCO
Photographer - Matt Devlin

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