Cosmos by NEXT: Lights that are meant to be the center of attention

26th July 2017

The Cosmos luminaire by NEXT is a work of art, appearing to change shape as you move around it. Six hovering flying objects, grouped in a circle that inspire bouts of staring. 

Put a little bit of the Cosmos in the lobby and you might begin to notice people lingering, examining the shapes, marveling at how they come together, morphing into something new as viewers stand in a new position. This is perfectly safe behavior, because these lights are glare-free and dimmable too, meaning that as your guests’ eyes are beginning to droop from uninterrupted hours of staring, you can help bring them back to the present. Cosmos are perfect, even lighting for lobbies, foyers, halls and any architectural space designed for energy efficient, extraordinary shapes.

If you’re interesting in staring at some extraordinary specs, visit NEXT:

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