Contemplation – light for sacral buildings Indoor and outdoor lighting for churches, temples, mosques and places of prayer

15th March 2019

The language of light is cross-cultural. But more than its use as a way of creating places to enjoy, light in any religion is a distinct symbol of the devine. Light in sacred places creates a contemplative atmosphere for religious meetings. Be it churches, mosques, temples or synagogues: accentuated light helps to direct the attention to essential things. ERCO illuminates historic places of worship and modern chapels using light to produce a separate, timeless language.

The entire town of New Norcia is registered as part of the National Estate and 27 buildings are classified by the National Trust. Many of the buildings in New Norcia are approximately 100 years old and understandably require extensive attention and restoration over time.

ERCO LED track luminaires provided the client the flexibility using the latest Casambi technologies to prevent rewiring the heriatage listed buildings.

WA's FIRST Casambi project for Lighting Options Australia

Individually switching and dimming luminaires, setting up light scenes and transitions and integrating sensors: all made possible with the Bluetooth control offered by ERCO as a new option with selected luminaires for track - an ideal solution for the New Norcia chapels as the tour guides have easy access to the pre-programmed lighting scenes with no requirement for new hardwired control system.

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