Chilli Panda: Modern and Welcoming

15th November 2017

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In Perth, Chilli Panda in the CBD is where you can indulge in the city’s best Hunan dishes. A modern, peaceful setting awaits you here, and in addition to a great selection of food and stylish dining space, the restaurant also boasts a friendly, competent service team that are passionate about the delicious food they serve.


Mata Design


— Mata Design Studio

"Chilli Panda, Northbridge is a Chinese restaurant serving authentic Hunan cuisine. Moving away from the rustic Asian eatery aesthetic and the “Panda” icon, we created an Industrial yet refined space utilising a combination of authentic and bespoke designer furniture which is playful without being kitsch"

Unlike a traditional Chinese restaurant the lighting design is a modern interpretation. In place of traditional chinese lanterns are striking modern pendants paired with a clean and sophisticated lighting solution. Light not only sets the restaurants style but also determines the dining atmosphere. Lighting is focused to the dining areas table surfaces allowing the space to feel intimate and warm in stark contrast to the spaces concrete floor and exposed ceiling.

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SKIM Flush Ceiling Lighting - ERCO a Lighting Options Australia partnerSKIM 
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Axially symmetrical light distribution for linear lighting. Linear general lighting for spatial structuring and the illumination of zones and pathways.

Deep Down UM - Lighting Options AustraliaDEEP DOWN SM
Deep Down SM GU10 is a completely surface mounted luminaire. The tubular accessory also allows for dual colour combinations with the outer tubes and inner downlight.

Smith Mono Spot - Lighting Options AustraliaSMITH MONO SPOT
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