Breathtakingly Attractive and Cleverly Configured

21st June 2016

ConStela floodlight modules are the perfect supplement to the modular TRILUX ConStela LED light column system. As intermediate elements either between the post and luminaire head or as the termination element, they enable precise building illumination and thus also expand design flexibility. The LED floodlights are extremely moveable. Horizontally they can be adjusted through 360°, and can also be vertically tilted. No tools are needed to position and align the floodlight modules.

With the ConStela floodlight modules TRILUX provides the spot principle for urban lighting, offering lighting designers and city architects more creative freedom for effectively displaying buildings and facades. As a result, highly impressive lighting effects are achieved easily.

Modular construction. Complete flexibility.
The modular system is the key: Supporting columns with various heights, various luminaire heads and the option of using flexibly adjustable spots create unique light columns. On request, Trilux also offers further options for individualisation.

The TRILUX configurator. The simplest way to achieve custom-designed light.
With the TRILUX configurator, individual modules are quickly combined to custom-designed columns.

No tools. No trouble.
It's quicker without tools: The spot elements are easily adjusted without tools.

Concise forms. Timeless design.
It’s unique and purist look makes the ConStela LED’s design timeless. It is the ideal solution for sophisticated outdoor settings.

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