12th August 2019


Working with Hassell Studio architects Lighting Options Australia provided the lighting design for this commercial lobby space. The complexity of the architectural canopy and monolithic use of steel and glass and forms called for a linear approach to lighting. Using linear to indirectly illuminate the adjacent zinc ceiling drawing users through the space. The linear enhances the materiality and gives the space a dynamically stimulating approach and a soft calming exit.

We always see projects that have a great outcome on social media and for obvious reasons those projects that don't go quite to plan are ignored. We also work towards a project going to plan and a suitable outcome for the client but what happens if it doesn't. What if a quality product is used but there are failures. Quality products having failures you say...' Not ours, we never have failures'. Let's not kid ourselves, there will be unforeseen failures at some point.

Does the quality product you're using come with a quality service and warranty?
We recently supplied a project where we had the dreaded early failures with one of our quality products. A sample was sent back to the factory for testing, with some reservations from the builder/contractor assuming the test results would blame the installation. No, the testing identified a rare failure within the boards. The manufacturer was transparent with the test results and offered to replace this complete order. Not just the fittings that had failed. Additionally between Lighting Options and our partner we had the old products removed and new products installed at our costs

Was this frustrating, disappointing and a huge inconvenience to the client? - Yes.

Was this frustrating and disappointing for us and our partner? - Yes.

Could we have foreseen the fault? - No.

Was the problem resolved to a level of service that you would expect from a quality product? - Yes.

Will this challenge be presented to us again? - We and our partners do everything possible to ensure that these types of failures don't happen but the reality is, yes we will be presented with similar challenges some time in the future.

Premium products should receive a premium service and have a premium warranty.

Have a think about what type of service and warranty you receive from the products you purchase whether its entry-level product or a premium product.

Above are some images of the finished project. Thank you to our clients for your patience and understanding and congratulations on the project which has revitalised this area.

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