41 St. Georges Terrace - Simplicity is Key

31st August 2018

Occupying a prime corner position on the southern side of St. Georges Terrace, near the corner of Barrack Street in the heart of the CBD, this boutique office is located within 41 St. Georges Terrace, a 9 level office tower plus ground floor retail/office.

Our client wanted a welcoming foyer fit-out that really amplified the space. Using Richard Kelly's Language of Light principles we were able to transform the space using high performance low glare downlights and a seamless wall wash to the lift lobby.

About the lighting we supplied:

Quintessence double-focus round. Sophisticated light for high rooms
The lighting tool for perfectly glare-free light from the ceiling
Quintessence double focus downlights are especially suitable for high rooms thanks to their high luminous flux and specific light distributions. The lens systems consisting of a collimator and Spherolit lens generate narrow downlight distributions, or as wallwashers create efficient, precise and highly uniform vertical lighting even at small distances to the wall. The black anti-glare cone achieves a discreet appearance with all versions, and also minimises the glare for high visual comfort when looking into the luminaire. Concentrated general lighting is thus created in low rooms. For rooms with inclined ceilings, a recessed version is available that compensates for inclination angles up to 30°. In-house developed control gear enables uniform operating behaviour of luminaire groups and dimming down to 1% - important for use as hall lighting in cinemas, theatres and concert auditoriums.

Compact. Efficient and economical

Its combination of visual comfort and recess depth is unique. Compact breaks new ground in illumination - Compact, simply unique

New possibilities arise when people break new ground. Compact is a previously unseen combination of excellent visual comfort and particularly shallow recess depth. Its different light distributions of extra wide flood and oval flood enable all-round use in offices and administrative buildings as much as in salesrooms. The luminaire's unique oval flood beam lends itself particularly to the illumination of tables and traffic zones. Even broad and uniform illumination of vertical surfaces is possible using the wallwashers. This provides the creative designer with a range of differentiated lighting tools for efficient visual comfort even in areas where compact downlights are required.

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